Self Defense Pepper Spray 2.0 – Mace

Mace Brand’s self defense pepper spray gun 2.0 provides long-range protection up to 20 feet (6 meters)

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Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Brand pepper spray gun is the ultimate protection tool, it’s easy to grab, aim and fire.

This pepper spray gun has been engineered to deliver maximum security and accuracy. The OC pepper spray cartridge is easy to load and locks in place. Additionally, a side-release safety switch prevents accidental discharge!

Alongside the sleek design, the gun has an integrated LED light which can be used to distract your incoming threats in their tracks. In all the gun has a total of 7 burst shots that are capable of reaching up to 20 feet (6 meters).

The pepper spray contains 10% OC pepper which causes respiratory distress, coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin. Additionally the UV dye leaves a long lasting residue on the suspect to support investigation and identification.

How to use

To prepare the pepper spray shake the pepper gun before taking aim. Deploy the pepper spray by placing your forefinger on the trigger, squeeze and hold the trigger for two to three seconds for an effective burst.

To aid in practise your pepper spray gun will come with one practise water cartridge.

Good to know

Mace began with the invention of a chemical compound in 1965, which later evolved into pepper spray in the 1980s. They continue to innovate the industry with powerful formulas, fast-acting delivery systems, and new safety features that ensure the ultimate in protection and peace of mind. Their products are trusted by law enforcement around the world.