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What is bushcraft

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a unique style of camping that uses wilderness survival skills. It’s these skills that allow you to not only survive in the natural environment, but to actually thrive in it.

The major difference between bushcraft and survival is that survival focuses purely on meeting your needs to sustain life. Bushcraft, however places more focus on honing in and refining your survival skills, in order to build comfort living out in the wilderness.

Bushcraft Skills

There are a whole host of interesting bushcraft skills for you to master.

Skills include shelter-building, natural navigation, fire craft, tracking, water sourcing, fishing, twine making and foraging.

Learning bushcraft also gives you the expertise needed to handle certain tools such as bushcraft knives and axes. You’ll use these tools to create many different types of constructions, from dugout canoes to a-frame shelters.

Bushcraft Skills

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